The hydraulic security fenders are designed for sites that require tight security guards and are expected to be attacked by vehicles in addition to controlling the organization of traffic in the high security application system. Hydraulic security fenders are the most unique, optimal, organized and safest solution. Although the expected attack is heavy and high-speed vehicles, the hydraulic security fenders are in sight to produce damage to the vehicle that prevents it from moving forward to the site and is equipped with backup operating systems in the event of an interruption of the electrical source so that it can operate in the worst conditions
In the context of traffic congestion of vehicles in the world has been developed a barrier to repel the vehicles reflective to drive through the organization for a safe environment, , the barrier has the advantage to bend each fork separately, The device also provided soundproofing and also has the ease of combination on site
This barrier is one of the most widely used barriers in the world, because it is characterized by the flexibility of use to regulate the operations and control well in the important paths and the entrances and exits and can be operated remotely and closely and sensor sensing and operating speed and is characterized by its low cost and ease of installation and longevity of work

The system has been allocated to the closure of the secondary roads and the important entrances to arrange and regulate the traffic electronically and remotely to coincide as a solution of security solutions and control systems of important sites with warning lights when they rise and descend hydraulically so that the driver can observe the height and descent and is characterized by cost and work excellence.

The rooms are made of concrete wood type and sand rooms with high professionalism and measured measurements and tested prevent the splitting of missiles from the weapon RBG-7 and Katyusha rockets to protect people from them as well as a strong fortress against several weapons
A helical grille is used to prevent the penetration of walls and borders in a very effective way. It depends on the method of installation and the distances adopted between each lobby and the other