The video surveillance system is the important communication channel for saving information in the event of events that the security centers should watch the event and the ease of delivery of the important security information through which the event is evaluated and the time and place of the event. and the system has been developed where the site can be tracked from anywhere in the world and through Smart devices This is an evolution of security developments and important at a high level. also the use of the system to follow the work of factories and companies to create a practical and safer environment .


In light of the security development, this device is designed to record the attendance and leave of employees with a fingerprint, which can not be confused with information from one person to another and save registration information to enable and to provide the operator registration, attendance and departure. and ensure a safe environment in terms of security and create an environment for more productive work where The system can be connected to the entry and exit gates that require high security application and can be linked automatically to the departments of the employees.
Traffic light signals are one of the best public road traffic organizer. LED lights have been developed for their high visibility and the system works to maintain the traffic system in a sophisticated way.
Fiber Optic Systems are one of the best systems in the world. You can connect from work starting from distances up to 150 kilometers per point and can increase to an infinite number of points. The company has achieved the highest level of safety in this field. Safety and less costs than before, where the team to study the points of connection and the collection of points in modern methods and the content of the operation and easy to access the cases of maintenance required easily without trouble