The system of early warning of fire considered to be the basics in the life of
the community and to work to warn from the occurrence of fires, God forbid, and reduce the intensity of the fire by pointing to the site of the fire with a voice message and messages on mobile and contact the nearest civil defense site automatically and this development is one of the most important tools of global safety


This system is very common for extinguishing fire & distributes points of water outlets in the places expected to fire and in case of fire in a particular area, the point center, temperature reading, opening the valve at the point of fire & operating the fire pump , The system also provided the system with a backup operation so that it can operate even if the power is cut off, so that we can control the fires in the worst conditions and provide the system with a point of contact with the civil defense vehicles, in order to increase the level of Water
In the light of studies and research to develop safe and practical fire extinguishing systems and reduce the rate of damage to important materials and devices and databases resulting from water extinguishing system has been developed to spray the system with liquefied gas and the role of this system automatically read the temperature of the room and in the event of a fire, The warning is to alert the people to evacuate the site and the one who launches the liquefied gas to be able to extinguish the fire in record time without damage to the site assets of paper, computers and electricity and nothing happened on the site