Supply And Support Est.

About Supply And Support Est.

Supply And Support Trading Est., a Saudi institution – owned by Ibrahim Mohammed Bin Raja Al Harbi, It’s established in the year 1427 H (2006) and registered in the city of Riyadh with a major registry No. (1010218435). The main activity of the corporation is to import & market equipment, traffic devices, surveillance equipment, security equipment, explosive & drug detection devices, inspection equipment and Maintenance of the Ministry of Interior and Catering Services under the Saudi Public Security Permit No. 3/3907/11.

In addition to the external relations with factories and international specialized companies through communications, correspondence and annual visits to exhibitions and companies to see the latest developments and modern devices in this field. It commends the Foundation to establish a strong relationship

We are the exclusive agents of many international companies and representatives & distributors of many distinctive products in various fields

This expansion of the business led to the opening of new branches of the institution specialized in other business, these branches are:

The branch of Supply And Support Establishment registered No. 1010225206 on 1/11/1427 H (2006) for the supply of military clothing and accessories for the purpose of entering into governmental tenders according to the letter of permit No. 4/15657/5 dated 25/8/1427 H, Spare parts required under the permit No. 69400 dated 19/8/1427 H and the supply of equipment for forensic evidence with the statement No. 80142/6 dated 10/10/1427 H.

The branch of Supply And Support Establishment registered No. 1010225210 on 1/11/1427H (2006) for wholesale and retail trade in office, industrial, electrical, mechanical, electronic and medical equipment, scientific laboratories and accessories, spare parts, office furniture, home, computer, hand tools, Clothing, equipment, cups, medals and sports armor.

The branch of Supply And Support Establishment registered No. 1010266713 is engaged in marine undertakings including supplying and securing electronic, electrical, mechanical, communications, radars, measurement, navigation, boat engines, marine vessels, diving & safety equipment. Under the letter of Border Guards No. 22/4/32980 dated September 18, (2007).

Partners of Supply And Support Est. :

Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Defense
The Royal Guard
National Guard
Border Guard
Air Defense Forces
General Establishment for Military Industries
& many others.

Objectives of Supply And Support Est. :

The Foundation follows a line parallel to the aspirations of our honorable government working to improve the level of services it provides to our dear homeland in its security and military sectors and their valued staff, and we have always been at the level of these aspirations and We pray to God to help us in our quest to serve our Religion, King & our homeland
The strategy of Supply And Support Est. is to build its business on solid foundations in order to transform Supply And Support into a global institution that offers the most innovative solutions to its customers.
God grants success.