Supply And Support Est. For military and civil security products and related work for some military requirements, including the following:

1 – Bulletproof jackets import and manufacture, including half the chest vest only and the whole chest, throat, shoulders and back vest.
2 – Tasers of all types and shapes, this product is of course an effective weapon and a fast-use, such as firearm and is very high risk to be used so no one of the security personnel to carry it unless he is trained to carry this kind of Tasers and is so severe.
3 – Metal detectors of all kinds, this type of devices is the gates and scanners sensitive by radiation shows if there are metals such as pistols or a white weapon such as daggers or knives small or large or any metal, whatever its size and shape.
4 – Entry and exit gates with magnetic card and cameras reveal the number plate of cars.
These gates are used for private and public situations and have a special confidentiality system, which is very sensitive, which allows access by identifying the plate number of vehicles are stored numbers of vehicles to be entered permanently to help the system to speed the implementation of the task, including the system of hydraulic ground.
5. Equipment for military personnel to break into the sites.
This equipment is imported to military personnel, which has high technical and technical capabilities for this purpose and also includes a firearm if necessary.
6 – helmets and anti-riot shields.
This type of helmets and shields are made of plastic materials that are custom, flexible and unbreakable. At the same time, they are lightweight and consist of a helmet and a shield of up to (1.20 m), a shoe that covers the whole leg against injuries to individuals and a stick of length To about one meter and a half and some of them carry electric shock.
7 – Military night lights of all types and forms.
Special military-type headlights used for night and infrared lighting can allow military personnel freedom of movement at night without being detected from the other side of this light, green and blue.
8 – Mask to protect the face and respiratory system from toxic gases.
It consists of a mask to protect the face and respiratory system from all poisonous and contaminated gases such as mustard gas, chemical, nerve gas and other deadly gases, in various sizes and forms, and various functions including a filter to purify the inhaled air to protect the user’s respiratory system.
9 – A device to block cars from movement.
This type is a device usually used for traffic men is placed in the form of pliers for front or rear tires to prevent them from moving until the return of the traffic man of this vehicle, including what is intended not to return backward carrying teeth slip forward only and may damage the tires in case of reversing the direction of the vehicle.
10. Anti-theft early warning systems.
This system works with highly sensitive electronic software used for banks, warehouses, back gates, entrances and exits for offices, residential buildings, hotels and furnished apartments, and is placed in the bottom of the vehicles to protect against theft. and detection and knowledge of its location and monitoring by satellites and locate and The speed is also available in any location on the surface of the globe and you can also know the time of parking and exit of the vehicle from the main road and this thanks to the sensitivity of the system supplied to this device and by high-precision electromagnetic oscillations.
11. Security surveillance cameras CCTV.
An accurate television system that may be the security and safety of all private and public facilities and properties to know the full details of incidents that can not be seen by the bare eyes. You can follow everything that is happening to your home or work place and your facility remotely via the Internet and enjoy the system Registration up to two months, including what is invisible and the same quality and high-tech, including a long-range (zoom) system up to more than 2000 meters, which works daytime.
12 – Devices for the elimination and dispersal of clashes (collective speculation).
These systems include tear gas, shortness of breath in some cases and hot water hoses to facilitate the rapid disintegration of the clash and without human casualties.
13 – Handcuffs and feet-cuffs.
Is used to prevent detainees and defendants in cases to make it easier for security men not to escape and to prisoners in case they are transferred from one location to another.
14 – Infrared night vision telescopes.
So that the competent authorities to detect and know the surrounding sites at night and can not be detected because of the counter-features of the very high technology and infrared system, allowing them to allow users to freely detect very detailed sites.
15 – Importing equipment and devices for copying keys and its various types.
Of the keenness of public security and not to tamper with the property of others, the competent authorities decided not to import these devices and equipment to non-companies and institutions licensed to them to enable security to control the reproduction or printing of keys unless authorized for this purpose.
16 – mirrors to inspect vehicles from the bottom.
This system allows the customs and concerned authorities to inspect the vehicles from the bottom as easy and conveniently as there in this device signals to provide the computer to collect information that requires knowledge of the competent authorities in a few seconds.
17 – The processing of weapons and the various types of governance.
Requires the military authorities to equip them with the required weapons and this equipment according to the types of weapons to be processed may be a light-type weapon may be heavy and has special specifications for the need of those.

18 – Various barbed wire to protect the sites from skipping.
This barbed wire has many types of which are placed on the ground and it is placed on the walls to limit the skipping of them as well as what is radiated by the electric high power and effort. Here, the situation is to place guidance plates not to approach a distance of not less than 10 meters to ensure the safety of pedestrians from the risk of high voltage may be deadly in a very short time so it is noted.
19 – Ropes and climbing rings for military exercises of all kinds and forms.
These ropes are usually assigned to training and to increase the strength and experience of the military personnel, including the form of stairs for the rise and fall, including the upper nets for training.
20 – Military nets for camouflage of all types and shapes.
These nets are very necessary for camouflage and concealment of military equipment, for example (armored vehicles / caravans / tankers / guns) in different colors according to mountain sites, valleys and deserts.
21. Devices for the detection of drugs of all kinds and forms.
These devices enjoy high quality, infrared and computer system is very complex, while entering the system it is very sensitive to the extent of tracking the smell of these drugs to detect the oaks hidden in it.
22. Training equipment to assist in military training of all kinds.
The trainers sometimes need some equipment to help them train soldiers and military personnel on some of the tasks they are required to master and to know individuals of their duties as an assistant to trainers.
23 – Devices for the detection of bags and parcels such as airports and customs of all types and forms.
Advanced infrared equipment with high accuracy and sensitivity to detect packages and bags for passengers and to protect civil aircraft whose mission is to transport passengers as well as detecting the entry of some prohibitions that are banned from the relevant security authorities.